Seaside Celebrations: concludes festival year in The Hague in style

200th anniversary ends with motocross beach race and fireworks air showDuring 2018 The Hague was all about 200 years of seaside resort Scheveningen. The Red Bull Knock Out motor race and a fireworks air show will mark the end of Seaside Celebrations. Besides that there is plenty of other activities in The Hague during the winter months, such as the Royal Christmas Fair.

Red Bull Knock Out
Red Bull Knock Out is world’s toughest motocross beach race and the final race of the international World Enduro Super Series (WESS). On Saturday November 10th amateurs and top riders will compete on the beach of The Hague Scheveningen on a 4,5 km (2,8 miles) long track. There will be two races: 1,000 riders will start the qualification heat of one hour. The fastest 750 riders will earn a spot in the final, which will last for two hours. Over 70,000 people will watch the riders fight against the elements, the sand and the rising tide.

Unique air show with fireworks
On December 1st the Scheveningen Light Air Show starts off with the British Twister Aerobic Team showing their aerobatic manoeuvres, followed by planes shooting fireworks from their wing tips. OTTO the helicopter will bring the event to a close in spectacular style with his unique fireworks show. In the Netherlands a show like this has never been held before. At The Hague Scheveningen beach on December 1st at 3.45pm

Royal Christmas Fair and Christmas shop windows competition 

Royal Christmas Fair in The Hague is one of the biggest Christmas markets in the Netherlands. Twinkling lights and Christmas carols at the romantic Lange Voorhout in the Museum Quarter are bound to get you in the ultimate Christmas mood. Among this year's 100 stalls you'll be able to find gift ideas, wintery fashion and design decorations. Besides the Royal Christmas Fair Christmas shop window competition ‘TINK Amazing Shop Windows The Hague’ will take place as well. This year’s theme competition is ‘light’.

Largest bonfire in the world 

Every year, on The Hague Scheveningen beach between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the boroughs of Scheveningen and Duindorp compete with each other to build the largest bonfire. The largest one (8,695 cubic metres, 307,061 cubic feet) was built by Scheveningen and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. This year’s bonfires aim to be even bigger. This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation and now belongs to the Dutch national heritage. Dream Fireworks will set the woodpiles on fire in a spectacular way and will put on a great fireworks show. Besides that there will be various artist and DJs both during the buildup of the woodpiles and on New Year’s Eve. So leave 2018 with a bang in Scheveningen!

New Year’s Dive 

Start off the New Year with a dive into the cold North Sea water along the coast of Scheveningen, just by the Pier. Even for the not so daring amongst us it is a perfect day out because the sight of 10,000 shivering people is a fabulous sight to see.