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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

15 July 2020

De komende maanden worden de maatregelen van de Rijksoverheid langzaam versoepeld, als de ontwikkelingen met betrekking tot de verspreiding van het Corona-virus dit toelaten. Hierdoor zal het openbare leven in Den Haag langzaam weer op gang komen.

The measures that have been taken against the spreading of the Corona virus (COVID-19) will impact your visit to The Hague. The Government of The Netherlands has taken measures for the whole country in order to counter the further spreading of the virus.

Everywhere in The Netherlands, it is obligated to keep at least 1,5 meters distance to other people, except people who belong to the same household. Moreover, people who gather with more than 2 people without keeping the minimal 1,5 meters distance to each other, can be fined. The rules will be strictly enforced and those who ignore them can get a hefty fine. The Dutch government asks everyone to stay away from crowded places. Public transport in The Hague is operative, but people are asked only to make use of it when it is strictly necessary. The Dutch government specifically points out that people should not use public transport to travel to the beach when the weather is nice, because it will lead to dangerous situations. From 1 June, the use of a protective mask in public transport is obligated.

At this moment, all museums, concert halls, libraries, theaters and other highlights of The Hague are currently closed. Also all restaurants, bars, beach bars and other eating and drinking establishments are closed, but some offer take-away or delivery. Some hotels in The Hague are still open, but others have decided to close for now.

Step by step reopening

In the next months, the measures that have been taken to stop the spread of the Corona virus will slowly be eased, if the developments regarding the fight against the virus allow this. This means that public life in The Hague will slowly start again.

From 1 June, restaurants, bars and other eating and drinking establishments will be allowed to open their doors again under strict conditions. Outdoor seating may be used again, but every customer is obligated to sit at a table and guests should be able to keep 1,5 meters distance to the next table. Also the indoor seating of these establishments may be used again from 1 June, but there is a strict limit of 30 guests that are allowed to be inside at the same time. Also, everyone will have to reserve a table beforehand. During this reservation, staff of the establishment will ask about your health situation. People with health issues are still obligated to stay inside.

Also museums are allowed to open their doors again from 1 June, but only if they can guarantee that guests can keep a minimum of 1,5 meters distance. Tickets will have to be reserved beforehand. Therefore, spontaneously going out for dinner or drinks or visiting a museum is still not possible. We recommend to always check the website of the restaurant, bar or museum before visiting, to check if they have reopened or not and which specific measures are in place.

If the fight against the Coronavirus is going well, the measures will be eased again on 1 July. Restaurants, bars and museums will then be allowed to have a maximum of 100 people inside. Moreover, from 1 July, campsites and holiday parks will be allowed to open their sanitary facilities again. Also conference halls and churches will be allowed to operate again from 1 July.

The beach

Especially when the weather is good, in the weekends and outside of regular working hours, parks and the beach tend to get too busy. Because of that, people will no longer be able to keep the minimum distance of 1,5 meters to others. Therefore, the Government strongly advices to avoid visiting the parks and beach during these busy moments and avoid crowds altogether. When it is expected that it might become busy, the Municipality of The Hague has the possibility of closing all parking garages close to the beach. Moreover, main roads to the boulevard or harbor might be closed to avoid traffic. When it becomes to busy on the beach or in parks, the Municipality has the option of closing the area all together.

The Hague Info Store (THIS)

The Tourist Information Office in the city centre, The Hague Info Store (THIS), is closed due to the current Government measures against the Corona virus. At this moment it is not clear yet when the THIS will open again. It is still possible to reach The Hague Info Store (THIS) via phone, email, twitter and whatsapp. Go to the page of THIS for more information.

Are you planning to visit The Hague? We strongly advise you to check with the relevant organisations themselves if events are cancelled or not and if locations that you were planning to visit are open. In addition, we recommend that you should keep yourself informed regarding the information the Government is providing which will advise you about the current public health situation.

For more information about the measures taken against the Corona-virus, please visit the website of the Government of the Netherlands: www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19

Virtual visit

Since the Corona virus currently makes an actual visit to The Hague rather difficult, we will gladly provide you with some tips to explore The Hague online. Are your children bored from being at home? Check our tips to entertain them while still experiencing a bit of The Hague. In these difficult times, we stand strong together in The Hague. Have a look at the most beautiful initiatives that have been set up in The Hague during this Corona-crisis.