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The Hague in VR

16 November 2020

The Peace Palace and more iconic places in The Hague can now be visited online via a new virtual reality platform at denhaag.com/virtueel. On the platform you can not only see the Peace Palace from the inside, you can also wander around in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Museum Panorama Mesdag, Escher in the Palace, the Palace Garden, Meijendel in the Hollandse Duinen National Park and many more beautiful places.

In this time of pandemic travel is very limited or even impossible and the museums are temporarily closed to the public. The Hague Marketing Bureau now offers the possibility to visit The Hague virtually from your seat whenever you want. Via the website denhaag.com/virtueel you get free access to this new VR platform. About 25 locations have been recorded with special cameras in 360 degree images that you can view via your smartphone or PC. If you put your smartphone in a VR glasses holder, you will experience The Hague in the virtual world. The DutchVR company from The Hague set up this platform on behalf of THMB.

Per location there are between five and ten sculptures / spaces on display. You are standing in front of the Victory Boogie Woogie in the Kunstmuseum The Hague and in death row 601 of the National Monument Oranjehotel. You can see the beautiful ceilings of the Gothic hall and the ballroom of Paleis Kneuterdijk and have a 360-degree view of the sea and city from the Meijendel viewpoint. The platform will be further enriched throughout the year, so that it is always worthwhile to return virtually to The Hague.

Didi van Dalen-de Visscher, campaign marketeer at The Hague Marketing Bureau, “We wanted to realize a virtual reality platform in The Hague for some time. Due to the current situation, we have now turned this idea into reality. It gives potential visitors from the Netherlands and abroad the opportunity to gain inspiration for a future visit to The Hague, but residents of Hagen and Hagen can now also see their favorites in virtual reality. My personal favorite are the images of Madurodam and the new attraction The Flying Dutchman that were taken during sunrise. ”

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